Python code

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App development beginner app(h2) It shows the future market forecast of the robot industry, and there are also personal services and public services in the service field where growth is expected did. Not only technology but also the enrichment of the environment in a broad sense is important, and the concept of “RT (robot technology)” […]

Smart sEMG Averaging prior to synergy extraction

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General description The following algorithm includes code for the segmentation of independant muscle activation from sEMG data recorded during periodic tasks. Technical details were published here. The code requires a priori segmentation of the individual muscle activation on each channel. In the following lines, a sample script will be run using test data. Details about […]

Corticospinal Decoding from EEG

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General Description The following algorithm computes a corticospinal decoding of motor primitives from EEG signals after applying a cross-validation (one-file out) with all the recording input files. Data format Data fields description: data.EEG – contains a matrix with filtered EEG signals after artifact removal from all 16 recorded channels (27 seconds) data.EMG – contains a […]